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Music has always been my passion ever since I can remember, from the accordion lessons I took when I was 6 years old, then moving on to piano when I was 12. Thinking back to myself as a boy in the late 70s, little did I know at that time where music would take me. I have always been captivated by music, the 80s came and I was obsessed with "High Energy" music which introduced me to a whole new world. It transported me to place filled with excitement, pleasure, energy and acceptance. Music is my greatest passion and it has connected me to so many wonderful people. Music soothes my soul and it helps me to be free....


My first Dj gig came in May 1987 as the new kid on the block at the infamous "Flikkers Niteclub" in Dublin. It wasn't long before I headlined on Saturday nights. After a devasting fire "Flikkers Niteclub" was burned to the ground. Soon afterwards I was back behind the mixing decks at a new trendy club "Horray Henry's" where I spinned discs 4 nights a week. A year later, another new club "The Shaft" approached me to guest DJ which led to a regular residency. In 1991 I moved to the UK and was soon working at various venues across London.

In 1995 I returned to Ireland and secured a residency on the legendary Leeson Street strip. Dublin Nightlife was in transition where after hours and underground clubs were popping up all across the city, I was at the helm for many of these events. In 1996 while visiting London I was asked to Guest DJ at "The Gay Tea Dance at The Limelight" I jumped at the chance and a few weeks later moved back to London to a regular residency at the 'Limelight' for 3 years.

In recent years I have worked with many different commercial Independent Dance labels mainly in the UK creating mega-mixes. It began back in 2009 with the Ernest Kohl - UK Greatest Hits Mega-Mix this led to me doing a few mixes for Almighty Records who sent them to Almighty Club Members. I did 2 Albums with Klone Records 'Gayfest 2010' CD and the 'Forever Christmas' CD. In 2012 I created "100% PURE FYLF" a dance megamix for Fylf Music and in 2016 I produced a 'Heavenly Pop Megamix' for the B:Linda Project Album release which features 10 Belinda Carlsile Dance remakes. Also in 2016 I did the Alan Connor - Straight Through The Hit Mix and it was released on HWC Recordings. As a Hi-NRG fan since the 1980s it was a privilege to be asked to compile and mix a CD Promo giveaway for the first Anthem Old Skool Reunion - Hi-NRG Night at the Royal Vauxhal Tavern London in February 2016. This led me to work on the Anthem Old Skool Reunion - Almighty Night Out promo CD in June 2016, both events are now approaching their 5th year in 2020. 

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