April 2017
Divine - Jungle Jezebel: Deluxe Edition [Cherry Pop]
Bobby 'O' - Freedom In An Unfree World: Expanded Edition [Cherry Pop]

March 2017
Man 2 Man - Male Stripper 2k17 [Sounds United] March 10th
Twelve Inch Seventies: Boogie Wonderland [Crimson]
Twelve Inch Seventies: More More More [Crimson]
Energise Extended: 11 12inch Club Mixes & Megamix [Energise Recordings]

February 2017
Hazell Dean - RE:VISITED [Energise Records]
Stereolove ft. Lonnie Gordon - Pleasure Control 2017 [Stereolove]

January 2017
Peter Wilson - Overdrive [Energise Records]
Twelve Inch Eighties: Hold Me Now [Crimson]
Twelve Inch Eighties: When The Going Gets Tough [Crimson]
Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand - Enough Is Enough 2017 [Casablanca]
Stereolove ft. Sara Loera - Losing My Heart [Stereolove]
Brian Justin Crum ft. Toy Armada & DJ GRIND - Show Me Love [Prop D]