Dave's DJ Dance Chart March 2015

01: Giorgio Moroder & Kylie Minogue - Right Here Right Now [7th Heaven Mix] RCA
02: Dirty Disco ft. Debby Holiday - Lift [John LePage & Brian Cua Remix] Dirty Disco
03: Tony Moran ft. Martha Wash - Free People [Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Mix] Radikal
04: Italove - Too Late To Cry [Matt Pop Club Mix] Italove
05: Elena Roxy Rose - Message In A Bottle [Starlab Remix] Supertone Music
06: Supreme Voices - Up the Ladder to the Roof [Matt Pop Remix] Altair Records
07: Ross Alexander - Brand New Lover [StarLab Club Mix] Pumpin' UK
08: Allan Jay - I Go To Pieces [Andy Haldane Extended Mix] Energise
09: Pepper MaShay + DJ Corey D - Does Your Mamma Know [Corey D Vintage Mix]
10: Hazell Dean - 24 Hours [Matt Pop Extended Mix] Energise
11: Kissy Sell Out ft. Holly Lois - Tell You [Bouvier & Barona Hull Mix] Carrillo Music
12: Adam Lopez - You [Matt Pop Extended Mix] Adam Lopez Enterprises
13: Groove Addix ft. Lady Bunny - Lately [Vauxhall Boys Remix] Enriched Records
14: Mari Jean - If Only [7th Heaven Club Mix] GoSet
15: Wayne G & Peyton - High [Eric Kupper & Richie Jones Mix] Fierce Angel
16: Aaron Paul - I Don't Care [Julian Marsh Mix] Promo
17: Circuit 21 - Calling All Angels [Club Mix] Division Music
18: Tony Moran Ft. Debbie Holiday - I Like You [Wayne G Mix] House Of Sugar Music
19: Vicki Shepard - Somewhere 2k14 [Paul Goodyear Anthem Mix] Swishcraft
20: I Am Snow Angel ft. John Carlson - Falling In Love [7th Heaven Mix] J. Kathryn LLC
21: Glam with Pete Burns - Sex Drive [Linn Lovers Hit N' Run Extended] Dfc
22: Kimberly Davis - Speak No Evil [Paul Goodyear Club Mix] D1 Music
23: Liz Oki - Don't Stop Movin' [Northernbeat Master Mix] Pumpin' UK
24: Paulini - Air It All Out [7th Heaven Club Mix] Decca
25: Shara Strand - RSVP [Original Extended Version] D1 Music
26: Pamala Stanley - This Is Hot [Original Recipe Mix] Altair Records
27: Jane McDonald - Donna Summer Medley [7th Heaven Club Mix] JMD Records
28: Alina Artts - High Enough [Division 4 & Matt Consola Club Mix] R.E.C.
29: Kristine W - Love Come Home [Mixes] Fly Again Music
30: B linda Project - Summer Rain [Matt Pop Club Mix] Fylf